How to Overlay Videos and Photos on Capcut App?

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The overlay is one of the capabilities of mobile device video editing software that may merge a video or image item in a given frame or display. 

It may be utilized in many methods in this overlay function. For instance, to merge two or more images, logos, or stickers to a movie on a single screen, insert extra video effects, edit clean movies, create text as video titles, etc.

Just that, not everyone has an overlay capability in video editing software. If you assume this overlay function can only be found in premium video editing applications, you’re mistaken. In truth, this functionality still does not exist in the premium editions of InShot and FilmoraGo applications

The intriguing truth is that there are a number of free Smartphone photo/video editing software with an overlay capability, including VN Videographer and CapCut, previously branded as ViaMaker. 

We provide you an illustration of how to create an overlay with the CapCut editor in the following post.

To Overlay Photos on Cap Cut App


Step 1: CapCut App Install 

Firstly, on your Android smartphone, install CapCut and launch the same editor. To start, in the center of the screen, tap on the “New project” icon. 

Choose the picture to show on the backdrop of the movie before picking the video. 

Step 2: Pick the Overlay Choice for The Video. 

Now, touch the “Overlay” option below the display, where the “Add Overlay” button will show up. Next, out from the library of your Smartphone, choose the Green Screen Theme movie and select the “Add” button.

Step 3: To Change the Background using The Chroma Key 

Select the Chroma Key button at the foot of the request. Choose the colorful backdrop of the movie from the website which is opened and choose “Color Picker.” 

Now pick the “Shadow” and “Intensity” options to render the movie transitions more genuine. To complete the modified crucial element, click the check box. You may now start downloading the video on your Android with the selected backdrop.

To Overlay Videos on Cap Cut App


Step 1: CapCut Editor Install 

Using your personal Android smartphone, via the Google Play Store, download and launch the CapCut application. Tap the “New Project” page on the display page and pick the image/video backdrop you wish to add from the opened image library. 

Step 2: Add Another Video to Overlay 

Now, hit the “Overlay” feature to overlay the movie with a green backdrop. Then on the following page, you will click on ‘Add overlay,’ on the green backdrop of the film and on the ‘Add’ option. 

Step 3: Chroma Key to Mixing 2 Videos 

Click the “Chroma Key” button on the foot after picking the full clip. Pick a green color or any solid color to delete underneath the “Color Picker” tab.

Step 4: Chroma Key Intensity and Overlay 

Pull the “Reset” slide bar underneath the “Intensity” option to hide the color selected. Please note it shouldn’t be adjusted at 100% since it might damage the visual elements. 

Now, you may divert the scale to maximum numbers under the “Shadow” option so that it does not appear as though it is mixed with the movie behind. 

Tap on the label attached on the upper end to save your modifications after implementing all those modifications.

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