How to Add Spotify Music to Capcut?

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CapCut is a freeware, easy video processing tool for creating gorgeous, elevated films. It is accessible on iOS platforms such as phone, mac, and Android. Thanks to its better usability, you may cut the films to capture unforgettable occasions. Sophisticated effects and perfect aesthetic effects may also be used to make unique movies. 

The soundtrack of a tune or music is one of the key aspects while producing a video. Great music may function as incidental music but can also make the environment more attractive to the video. CapCut offers a great selection of top-level music.

But can Spotify music be added to the CapCut video service? Of course, we will give you a viable method in this article for adding Spotify to CapCut music.

Spotify and CapCut: Add Video Music 

CapCut includes a huge music booklet with high-end musical achievements plus special trademark songs, as I said previously. However, even more, people choose to subscribe to Spotify music as well as other streaming sites with the growth of streaming Platforms. Maybe you would like to add Spotify to the CapCut video. 

You should discover what sort of file format is supported in CapCut before you add music to the video in CapCut. CapCup supports several picture, video, and audio content, by its stated specifications. 

So, if you wish to add CapCut songs from Spotify, verify your tracks are stored in CapCut-compliant codecs. Nevertheless, in OGG Vorbis format, Spotify audio is restricted and so cannot upload Spotify music straight to CapCut.

Spotify Music Download Method in MP3 

Spotify music is, as we all know, encrypted with DRM protection in the standard of OGG Vorbis. Therefore, because of DRM protection, you can’t import Spotify songs to CapCut. To overcome this problem, you must disable DRM from Spotify and first transcode Spotify to MP3 using a specific application. 

Here we provide an incredible music exporter built particularly for Spotify, Tunelf SpotiBeat Music Converter. It may be downloaded and converted from Spotify to any song, record, schedule, and performer using a simple to use, but effective, audio converter. You could save tunes from Spotify in multiple formats such as MP3 with Tunnel software.

How to Add Music from Spotify to A Video in CapCut

The Tunnel Spotibeat Music Exporter is a distribution of all your needed soundtracks from Spotify. We will now discuss how to integrate Spotify music to the video in CapCut as music in the background. Next, upload audio files to your computer using DRM-free Spotify. Now on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can do that thing. 

1) On your Android smartphone or iPhone, fire up the CapCut application. 

2) Pick your favorite video by pressing New Screen Project. 

3) Add backdrop music, movies, or images from your device. 

4) Underneath, tap the Audio menu, then choose Sounds. 

5) Go to Your Music and choose From your phone to browse on your device for music.

6) Search your phone for music, hit the Add button beside the track. 

7) Start to publish and append the clip to your selected music into CapCut.

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