How to Edit Videos on Capcut? – Step by Step

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With TikTok’s popular choreography, CapCut is the latest video editor which is quite trendy. The editor is extensive for its Liga and contains several of the current video generators’ capabilities that are lacking in others.

This is the best tutorial for you after you’ve just installed CapCut, and ask how to begin. Here is how different features in CapCut may be edited and carried out.

Modifying a video may involve the creation of the entire project or the editing portion of the video. Here we explain all the essential elements you need to modify a whole project and edit a specific clip to delete or add any piece.


Step 1. Pruning is one of the greatest instruments in every publisher’s belt. It allows users to add or reduce any video according to their needs.

In CapCut, to cut a video: Pick the video and click. Tap the blank picking area and slide your film clip to lengthen or reduce. And this is it! The chosen clip is now edited in CapCut to match your requirements.

Step 2. CapCut enables you to really simply reformat your films and movies on the lens. To alter the length of your clip you just squeeze and drag inside or outside of your display’s teaser video.

This may be used to resize nearly any component in your design. Just ensure that you’ve chosen the component in your chronology previously, otherwise, you will resize the existing surface.

Step 3. Tap ‘+Add Audio’ on your storyboard to add sound to your work. Now select one of the following recommendations. 

  • Sounds: This option may be used to use stored CapCut sounds or to select sounds from the large resources library of CapCut. Sounds: 
  • Effects: Instrumentals are a must-have film production feature. They help to improve the environment and make your project more compelling. You may add to your gadget stuff like laughing tracks, power effects, etc. 
  • Extract: You may recover audio from your local media video clips using this part to retrieve the soundtrack from famous clips, films, videos, and more in your work.

Step 4. After the video or effect is selected, touch the checkbox in the upper portion of the screen when you have finished the video or effect. And this is it! Now your chronology will include the sound type and clip you chose. Just like any other file, you may go forward and alter/cut the audio clip.

Step 5. Did your heart change? Do you want to substitute your work with a short video? This can be done with CapCut quite simply. Just touch on the clip you want to change and keep scrolling to the ‘Replace’ core section.

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Tap and choose the clip you want in your internal memory once you’ve located it.

The clip is trimmed into the required length of the project instantly. Tap the receiver of your location and navigate to the section of your short video you want. Tap ‘Confirm’ in the lower corner of your display when you’re pleased with the choices.

Now your choice on the chronology should immediately have substituted the clip.