How to Blur the Full Video or a Portion in CapCut?

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The prevalence of fast-paced social network clips has recently been ignited, and sites like TikTok, Rhythm, and Instagram have been created with gratitude. You might be searching for a movie editing software with free boatloads on any of those platforms—and attempting to build a reputation for yourself. Well, it’s worth checking into CapCut online.

The principal purpose of the software is to allow longitudinal editing of short films, with the option that recordings captured in 4K and in HDR may be edited. It’s not simply an app to edit video.

Its primary advantage is how simple it is to import and edit a movie from CapCut for just about any customer. The software features a very basic and straightforward design that makes it a user-friendly program even for people who do not use video editing. 

CapCut offers the standard features of a film editor, such as the ability to cut, change sampling rate, go ahead or rewind, and add multiple films or pictures.

How Can You Blur A Full CapCut Video?

  1. Start pressing the “New Project” option on the Capcut app’s home menu. 
  2. Then, choose the clip to edit and apply the blur to it. 
  3. Choose “Add” from the lower right corner of the screen. 
  4. The chronology editing should now show your video. Click the ‘Effects’ button at the foot of the taskbar. 
  5. Soon there will be an overlay bar. By design, all rising effects will be displayed. Check out the ‘base’ category side by side to pass the trend segment. 
  6. Choose the ‘Blur’ effect under the ‘Basic’ class and press the ‘Tick’ mark after you’ve chosen your favorite effect.
  7. You are returned to the Edit History, in which you might notice the video’s blurred image effect. 
  8. The essential thing to remember is that a part of a video will be covered by this blurring effect by definition. You would have to extend it. This is a straightforward thing to accomplish! 
  9. Drag and drop to the conclusion of your movie, choose the blurry bar highlighted with violet. The whole clip will blur. 
  10. View the video and save it. This is it! 

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How to Blur A Section of A Video on CapCut?

  1. CapCut can assist you if you would like to blur just a few sections of the video. Follow this tutorial to find out how to do so. 
  2. Start pressing the “New Project” option on the Capcut app’s main screen. 
  3. Then, choose the clip to edit and apply the blur to it. 
  4. Choose “Add” from the lower right side of the window. 
  5. The timeline editing should now show your video. Under the toolbar, tap the ‘Overlay’ option and then tap ‘Add Overlay». 
  6. Choose the video that you initially inserted. This will show the overlaying video in the Edit Sequence at the head of the primary video.
  7. Push the overlaying video and put it directly on the primary video with your fingertips. So don’t skip out, this is a crucial step. 
  8. Take the left button in the lower-left corner when you have finished aligning the overlay video with the primary video. 
  9. Tap the ‘effects’ feature at the bottom of the main toolbar. 
  10. Choose the ‘Blur’ effect under the ‘Basic’ category and press the ‘Tick’ mark after you’ve chosen your favorite effect. The blurred effect on your video should be seen. 
  11. Spread the impact over the video duration. CapCut does not automatically accomplish this by default. 
  12. Now, in the menu below, hit the ‘Object’ button.
  13. When you get here, you must pick which section of the movie is blurred. 
  14. Choose the tile “Overlay” and click the mark “check.”

The different blur forms can be selected here. According to the section of the movie you need to blur, you can pick any flurry form. 

Don’t still tap the checkmark. Once the blurred form has been chosen, drag it to the correct spot, and resize it if necessary. The blur intensity may also be adjusted by pulling vertically and horizontally the directional arrow.

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